NCMD Mission:

Act as a catalyst for North Carolina’s medical device infrastructure by cultivating collaborative initiatives positioning the state as a world leader in the research, development, and production of advanced devices and diagnostics


The following short term goals and vision were originally drafted on March 30th, 2004.  As additional input is collected, through steering committee members, advisors, and interested parties, the ultimate vision of the organization will be created.


Short-term goals:

Host a web based portal that brings together North Carolina’s medical device community

Put on monthly panels and seminars discussing current topics in the medical device industry


Long-term vision:


Economy – Provide economic benefit to North Carolina through collaborative initiatives between industry, world-renowned universities, and top teaching hospitals


  Make North Carolina the medical device research, development, and manufacturing capital of the world through these collaborative initiatives

  Positively influence the growth of the North Carolina Medical Device Industry

  Stimulate the creation and growth of high impact medical device companies

  Provide long-term economic benefit to North Carolina through support of medical device research, development, and commercialization statewide

  Promote interest and investment in North Carolina as a major center of health care achievement, research, and innovation


Network – A common ground to foster production of the highest quality medical devices

  Provide quality networking opportunities

  Create pipelines to medical device companies, manufacturers, universities, research organizations, hospitals, clinics, insurers, and a broad range of health care service and consulting companies

  Bring together the diverse elements of the health care industry to discuss and develop proactive approaches to key challenges and opportunities facing the medical device industry


Education – Provide training opportunities to students and professionals

  Sponsor a variety of programs and services aimed at assisting industry members and the general public in understanding the complex landscape of medical devices including research, development, manufacturing, education, capital formation, mentoring, communications, financing, licensing, regulatory issues, commercial/university licensing, commercialization of technology, intellectual property, and clinical studies

  Provide knowledge and skills that ensure success for North Carolina’s medical device community

  Promote awareness of the local medical device industry's social and economic benefits

  Host seminars with speakers and panelists drawn from local, national, and international organizations

  Develop programs and initiatives which improve the climate for medical device business growth


News and Resources:

  Web-based resources and information to the medical device community

  Relevant news, information, and services crucial to medical device industry

  Address issues and challenges that face the health care industry

  An advocate for North Carolina’s Medical Device Industry