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Health Risks of Visceral Fat

  • By Hillary Fisher 
  • Category: Health 

Visceral fat is the adipose tissue located inside the peritoneal cavity, and around the internal organs. In case visceral fat is accumulated, there are a lot of health problems that inevitably appear. Therefore, it’s best to deal with it before it can cause major health damage. If you want to learn more about the dangers of visceral fat, read the following lines to learn which are the health risks associated with it.

It interferes with the immune system

Visceral fat has a negative impact on the immune system. The active fat cells release biochemicals called cytokines. The cytokines released by visceral fat increase the chances for heart disease. They can increase your chances of forming blood clots and developing high blood pressure as well. In addition, the biochemicals can make your body cells become unresponsive or insensitive to insulin.

Inflammation of the airways

The inflammation that is initiated by the visceral fat can promote inflammation in your airways as well. The inflammation will flood your airways with secretions. This will ultimately make it difficult to breathe air into your lungs. Also, visceral fat makes you airways hyperactive. This increased sensitivity can lead to the appearance of asthma.

Increased risk for breast cancer in women

Visceral fat present a great danger for women especially. A study has shown that the visceral fat portion of the total body fat in women increases their chances of developing breast cancer dramatically. Also, among the patients included in the study, it has been found that visceral fat produces hormone abnormalities.

How to monitor and reduce your body’s visceral fat

To reduce your body’s visceral fat, you have to make an immediate and drastic change in your lifestyle. First of all, you should exercise on a daily basis for at least 30 minutes. The daily workout will help burn the excess fat, and you will lead a healthier life. Make sure that you make important changes in your diet as well. After all, you can’t eat all the junk food that you have your eyes on and expect to get rid of visceral fat. To lose this fat, you should eat more vegetables and fruits, and stay away from sweets and processed foods. Also, to get rid of this problem, you must sleep 6-7 hours per night. To make sure that you’re on the right track with your progress, use a body fat analyzer. Therefore, monitor your body fat percentage on a daily basis with the device. The fact that the body fat analyzer will show you how much you are improving will motivate you to go further and have the perfect, healthy body that you dream of.