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Healthiest Cooking Methods

  • By Hillary Fisher 
  • Category: Health 

The truth is that we are what we eat. Unfortunately, a lot of people ingest fat and unhealthy foods at every meal due to the fact that they cook in an unhealthy way. Therefore, their health gets slowly deteriorated due to the ingestion of dangerous and unhealthy food. If you want to learn to take better care of yourself and your loved ones by cooking healthy, continue to read this article and start using the healthy cooking methods described here.


Steam cooking represents cooking the food in an enclosed environment infused with steam. To steam your food, you can use a variety of methods. These methods include using a perforated basket that rests above a pot of boiling water, a parchment wrapper or foil, Chinese bamboo steamers that stack on top of a wok, or using an electric steamer. This cooking method seals in flavor, eliminating the need for added fats during preparation. Also, it helps preserve nutrients better than most cooking methods. The best foods to steam are vegetables, pears, fish fillets, shellfish, and chicken breasts.


Microwaving the food is the best cooking method to use if you want to preserve the nutrients and vitamins that reside in foods. Thankfully, we all have a microwave in our homes, this kitchen appliance becoming vital in the modern days that we live in. The microwave doesn’t only provide a healthy cooking method, but a fast one as well. The foods that you should microwave to obtain the richest and healthiest flavor out of are vegetables, fish, chicken, and apples. If you want to cook fast, make sure that you purchase a microwave that has a high wattage and a small capacity.


Sitting outside on a warm summer day, grilling your food on your newly bought gas grill is the best way to spend your time while cooking. You may think that gas grills are too expensive, but if you read the latest Dyna Glo reviews, you will see that Dyna Glo grills are very cheap, yet surprisingly durable and efficient.

Dyna Glo has a wide selection of grills to choose from. Reading the most recent Dyna Glo reviews, can help you choose a grill that’s just perfect you. Based on the size of your family, choose a grill with an adequate cooking area. If you make sure that you maintain the gas grill clean at all times, you can prepare delicious and healthy meals with it. Grilling the food, especially meats and vegetables, provides an excellent way to cook low-fat meals that are rich in nutrients and proteins. Therefore, by grilling your food, you will maintain a great taste for your dishes without sacrificing quality.

Pressure cooking

Pressure cooking requires you to have a pressure cooker at your disposal. The food that you cook in this kitchen appliance requires very little water and time to get prepared. Therefore, the minerals and vitamins that reside in the food remain intact. The pressure cooker seals in the steam created by the boiling liquid, intensifying the flavor. This means that there’s no need to add salt or oil for taste or richness. The best foods to prepare using pressure cooking are potatoes, artichokes, beef, beans, lamb, risotto, chicken, stews, and soups.