Medical devices and diagnostics are an important component of the North Carolina economy. The North Carolina Medical Device Organization (NCMD) is an association dedicated to bringing together the medical device and diagnostic community, acting as an economic catalyst by cultivating collaborative initiatives. NCMD is a spotlight on the industry as well as a conduit between the related industry intersections.

NCMD delivers value to its membership through two key strategies: 1) industry-focused leaders running the organization, and 2) a foundation built with a proven model known to deliver a return.

As a forum within the North Carolina Biosciences Organization, NCMD promises to increase the political influence of the medical device and diagnostic industry to positively affect policy and competitiveness. The co-sponsored events of the North Carolina Biotechnology Center (NCBC) and the Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) have a proven track record in the region. The strength of the Triangle’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry are well known. NCMD aims to fill in a gap in the biosciences industry by focusing on device and diagnostic companies, while working closely with organizations such as the CED and NCBC.

NCMD will utilize this leadership and proven track record to bring together the community with a cluster focused mindset, incorporating all aspects of the cluster including not just the device and diagnostic companies, but additionally manufacturers, educational institutions, clinical institutions, suppliers, and consultants.

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