The ibiliti Team

Holding true to its commitment to grow and support the medical technology community, the State of North Carolina—through the N.C. Biotechnology Center’s Center of Innovation grant program—provided a unique funding opportunity to establish ibiliti in 2009. With an exclusive focus on North Carolina’s advanced medical technologies sector—which includes companies developing medical devices, diagnostics, medical imaging and health care software—ibiliti is a non-profit organization that is committed to building and expanding a network of intellectual, human and financial resources that advanced medical technology companies can tap into in order to quickly and successfully navigate the commercialization and development process.

Carrying out such an ambitious mission requires the talent, energy and sheer willpower of a stellar management team and board. At ibiliti, both are comprised of individuals who not only understand the challenges faced by the advanced medical technologies community, but who also have a passion and commitment to finding the opportunities that exist within them.