There is a wealth of untapped medical innovation specifically focused on improving patient care. These ideas originate from those on the frontlines - the practicing physicians and allied health professionals who are working to improve the health and lives of patients every day. Through launchibiliti, the ideas of these innovators now have a unique opportunity to move quickly and cost-effectively from concept to concrete solutions that help patients and their caregivers.

Launchibiliti is ibiliti’s turn-key, four-step program that collects, reviews, builds and partners those ideas. And this makes it one of the most sophisticated health innovation commercialization programs in the country. We’re currently collaborating with health systems to customize launchibiliti in a way that positively and proactively involves their health professionals in innovation and in healthcare reform.

One of the most unique features of launchibiliti is how we’re collaborating with companies from across the country to provide reduced-fee or in-kind services to transform ideas into products or services. The companies include Becton Dickinson, Phillips-Medisize, Gilero, and McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP. They’re helping with launchibiliti innovations because they believe in the power of the medical industry to fuel our economy and want to be part of the solution to keep our country at the forefront of health innovation.

How Launchibiliti Works

Step 1: Collect

We first collect novel ideas that improve patient health. These are ideas generated by health professionals, inventors, entrepreneurs, and other people who are natural innovators. We collect ideas in a number of ways:

  • Industry experts meet one-on-one with health professionals to define needs, uncover ideas and deliver solutions.
  • Our on-line portal makes it easy for busy practicing healthcare professionals to share their innovative ideas any time of the day or night.
  • Innovation forums and innovation challenges provide opportunities to engage healthcare professionals in solving specific problems and in sharing their ideas to collaboratively find solutions that bring better care to patients.

Step 2: Review

Once ideas have been collected, they are reviewed by panels of thought leaders that help select the most promising innovations to develop.

A regional panel of medical technology experts who live and work in the region where the idea originated selects the ideas it feels have the greatest potential. Then, a national panel of medical technology experts, who have backgrounds in venture capital investing and medical technology acquisition, provides input regarding the likely success of the proposed products or services.

This valuable feedback from the regional and national advisory panels is provided to all inventors that submit ideas to the program.

Step 3: Build

After the most promising ideas are identified, the building process begins. This is the roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-it-done phase of the program. It’s where ideas become reality—where actual products and services are developed that will benefit patients and their caregivers.

With launchibiliti, we focus on products or services that can be developed in under 24 months. Champions—virtual CEOs with decades of industry experience—drive commercialization of the ideas as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. They work with industry collaborators who can provide anything needed to commercialize an idea—including business plans, designs, prototypes, user feasibility studies, clinical trials, grant writing, regulatory expertise or manufacturing services. The goal of the build step is to validate that the product or service will provide a benefit to patients and their caregivers in the real world, and not just on paper.

Step 4: Partner

During the final phase of launchibiliti, we use the qualitative data collected during our build phase to regionally, nationally, and internationally showcase innovations to entrepreneurs, investors and companies large and small. These partners have special expertise in the distribution of products or services to ensure patients and their caregivers are provided maximum access to the solutions they need. These partner relationships could result in revenues to hospitals and inventors. They can also stimulate the economy by bringing jobs, investments, federal grant funding, and new companies to the inventor’s region.

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