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Main Causes of Eyelash Loss

  • By Matthew Grant 
  • Category: Health 

If you are dealing with eyelash loss, then you should not worry because there are plenty of solutions that will help you solve this problem. In order to choose the best solution for you, you must first, know what are the main causes of eyelash loss. Therefore, take a look at this article, in order to find the right information.

Lash growth serum

If you use regularly an eyelash growth serum that contains chemicals, then you might deal with this sort of problem. Therefore, it is recommended to make sure you choose a product that contains only natural ingredients, even if you would have to pay a bit more. Moreover, another great solution would be to prepare at home a similar serum that will provide you the desired results. Any of these solutions are a lot better than buying a product that contains chemicals, and which can make your lashes fall off.


It is a known fact that mascara can make your lashes look absolutely incredible, but if you use too often a product like this, then you might deal with eyelash loss a lot sooner than you would expect. It is recommended to avoid using such a cosmetic product too often. Furthermore, you must be very careful to remove the makeup before you go to sleep, in order to protect not only your lashes but your eyes and your skin as well.


If you are following any medication at the moment, then you must not worry if you will see that your lashes will begin to fall off. Some medications can have this side effect, and usually, at the end of the treatment, your lashes will grow back again. In order to make sure you will not deal with this problem, you can discuss with your doctor about this aspect, and he will know exactly what to recommend you.

Thyroid condition

Underactive and overactive thyroid glands can definitely result into loss of your eyelashes. Therefore, if you do not think that the cause of your eyelash loss is any of the above, then you might consider seeing an endocrinologist, and see exactly if you have any sort of problems with your thyroid. However, in case you have a health problem like this, then you must not worry as there are plenty of treatments for this condition. By knowing what are the main causes of eyelash loss, you will know exactly what to do in order to solve this problem.