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Major Health Risks associated with Unfiltered Tap Water

These days we’ve heard a lot of debates about how dangerous is the tap water. Many people drink water directly from their homes, without any filtration and they don’t know the health risks associated with this habit. Although it’s a known fact that the authorities treat the water, we don’t have certain data if this is harmful or not to our health. According to some recent studies the tap water contains over 2000 toxins. Some of them are chlorine, lead, fluoride, radioactive materials, heavy metals, petrochemicals, microorganisms and many others. Now let’s see the major health risks associated with unfiltered tap water.

Cancer, hair and skin problems

Chlorine is one of the main chemicals that creates health problems. Its role is to disinfect the water, but over time, our bodies get poison?? are damaged by chlorine. It was found that chlorine has a direct link with bladder and rectal cancer and some skin and hair problems. Also, other substances like benzene, atrazine or lindane are carcinogenic and affect our health condition. Even small amounts of these chemicals can seriously damage people.

Thyroid gland

Consumption of unfiltered water can increase the chance of having thyroid gland dysfunction. The main reason that causes this health condition is the contamination of the water with perchlorate.

High blood pressure, ear problems

Other radioactive substances that contaminate the tap water are lead and asbestos. The major risk for adults is that these substances increase the risk of developing high blood pressure and ear problems. They can also affect the physical and mental development.


The chemical element known as arsenic can aggravate the course of the Diabetes mellitus and is one of the substances found in unfiltered tap water.

Risks for babies

Since the unfiltered tap water is so risky for adults it certainly is very dangerous for babies. Until a certain age, babies drink boiled water because they are sensitive and they are at risk of suffering from all kind of unpleasant diseases. The water can cause gastrointestinal illnesses, such as giardia, E-coli, diarrhea or vomiting. Certain substances can be fatal to delicate immune systems.

As you can see, the human body is exposed to many healthy risks when drinking unfiltered tap water. So what is the most efficient solution? Fortunately, there appeared the idea of filtering the tap water, so a whole house water filter may be exactly what you need. It removes contaminants that are hazardous to your health, along with hundreds of chemicals. The water filter can also remove bad smell and taste of the water.