Public Policy: Assemble a unified voice to increase political influence

  • Positively affect industry growth by promoting the social and economic benefits associated with the North Carolina medical device and diagnostic cluster
    • Example: lobby for incentives benefiting companies locating or starting in North Carolina

Networking: Promote collaborations that foster top-notch design, development, and production

  • Create pipelines to medical device companies, manufacturers, research organizations, hospitals, academic institutions, clinics, insurers, and a broad range of health care service and consulting companies
    • Example: Produce an industry directory to promote statewide capital connections

Training: Provide knowledge forums for professionals, researchers, and students

  • Host training programs and events to discuss and develop proactive approaches to key challenges and opportunities facing the medical device and diagnostic industry
    • Example: Host round-tables and draw expert speakers to discuss pertinent topics such as medical device commercialization, regulation, reimbursement, and liability

Business Development: Stimulate the North Carolina economy through collaborative initiatives

  • Provide long-term economic benefit to North Carolina by exciting the creation, growth, and relocation of high impact companies, and by promoting interest and investment in North Carolina‚Äôs device and diagnostic industry
    • Example: Help raise the visibility of local medical device and diagnostic companies leading to improved capital access

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