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Most Common Causes of Hair Loss

Although is a common thing to lose hair every day, there are certain situations when it becomes a concerning problem. People lose about 150 strands a day and this is considered to be normal because hair needs to regenerate. Nevertheless, there are periods when the hair loss is alarming and we don’t know the exact reason why it’s happening.

Nutritional deficiencies

In case your hair is falling out or is becoming thinner, then you might consider the nutritional deficiencies that usually cause this. Along with the hair, the skin and nails may be affected. The most important factor is the deficiency of zinc. This essential mineral is one of the main causes of hair loss. Vitamin A and C are also very important because they are critical nutrients. Iron helps the oxygen get to your cells, including the hair follicles. Altogether, the hair is made of 90% protein, so you should include in your diet some easy-to-digest proteins.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes are a major factor in temporary hair loss. The hormone levels could lead to growth or, on the contrary, could lead to excessive shedding. This usually happens because of major changes, such as pregnancy, childbirth or menopause. The thyroid gland may also cause hair loss because it has a direct link to the hormone levels.


Another common cause of hair loss might be the medication. Prescription drugs or certain supplements can produce reactions that will make hair follicles die and so the hair will fall out. Among the medication that can cause this unpleasant situation are gout medicines, blood pressure or heart pills, antidepressants or even birth control pills.


Stress is the cause of many problems these days. It can also increase your hair loss problem, so the best you can do is to find out what stressful event brought you into this situation. Everyone dealing with stress has severe mental and physical changes. Bad stress might also manifest in disturbing the normal hair growth cycle.

Styling tools

Too much use of certain hair products and devices can be harmful. Try your best to limit the habit of using a blow dryer and instead, gently dry the hair with a soft towel. Don’t’ brush it excessively. Also, the flat iron and other hot devices can lead to breakage of the hair, and so it will easily thin and fall out. Their use must be limited to special occasions and you must never use them on wet hair, it’s very dangerous.