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DSM - Healthy Skin

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Most Common Causes of Hair Loss

Many of us may suffer from hair loss at some point during our life and we should know what can cause this. Some reasons can be prevented while others may be more serious. There are many factors for hair problems, from nutritional deficiencies and stress to the bad habit of inadequate use of styling tools. Read this article and find more.

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How to Reduce Allergens in Your Home

If you feel that your house is invaded by allergens and you don’t know what to do for having a clean air, then read this article. All these ideas will improve your life and will help you reduce the allergic reactions.

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How to Prevent Diabetes

Are you prone to develop diabetes and you don’t know how you could lower your chances of getting sick? In this case, you have come to the right place, because our article contains some useful information on how to prevent diabetes by making some changes in your lifestyle.

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Recognizing the Symptoms of Depression

Depression affects more and more people and we should all know more about the symptoms. You may already have these symptoms without even knowing. Maybe this article will help you (recognizing) recognize the depression.

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Major Health Risks associated with Unfiltered Tap Water

The habit of drinking unfiltered tap water can be very harmful to you and your entire family. The water contains many dangerous substances that get directly in our body and affect our lives. In this article are presented the major health risks when we don’t use any filtration system.

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Recognize the First Symptoms of a Thyroid Dysfunction

Fortunately, thyroid disorders are treatable. However, an untreated thyroid disease produces serious problems in other parts of your body. There are plenty of treatments for the thyroid disorders but this requires further investigation.