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Recognizing the Symptoms of Depression

People have all sorts of feelings during their life and all of us have felt sadness, misery or desolation at some point. These are normal feelings, as long as they disappear in short time. No one can be happy and joyful no matter what happens. The depression is different, it is the state of unhappiness that lasts for a longer period of time, for weeks or months. It alters the emotional and physical normal functionality and it’s sometimes confused with other disorders. More and more people get affected by this disease, therefore, we should be able to recognize the main symptoms.

Acute sadness

The fact that you feel sad the entire day, without living a major tragic event in your life, may be a sign of depression. You will feel an acute and deep sensation of unhappiness that will make you reject all the reasons to enjoy life around you.

Loss of interest

Another symptom of major depression is the lack of interest in doing things that you love. All the activities that you once enjoyed become unattractive and not even your friends can make you feel happy again.

Sleep problems

Depression can seriously affect your sleep. You can feel very exhausted and all you want to do is sleep. Since you won’t have any desire to do things, you may find it more comfortable to just sleep or stay all day in bed. On the other hand, you may experience some trouble falling asleep, as the depression may be linked to insomnia. The lack of quality sleep may lead to anxiety.

Feeling guilty

You will feel an intense feeling of guilt for things that aren’t exactly your fault. You may not be able to observe that you’re exaggerating and therefore you will develop a lack of self-esteem. Soon enough you will consider that you are a burden to those close to you and your entire life will lose its sense.

Decrease or increase in appetite

Depression can also affect your appetite. You may lose your interest for eating because you won’t have any energy left for cooking. Therefore, you can have long periods during the day without eating. In this case, you will lose weight and your body will become weakened.
In opposition to this, you may experience an increase in your appetite and gain weight very rapidly. Sweets and unhealthy food may become the only things that will offer you relief.