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Simple Remedies for Chapped Lips

Just thinking about the unpleasant and painful feeling of chapped lips makes you cringe, not to mention having to deal with them every day. If you are unlucky enough to have chapped lips that look and feel awful, you have come to the right place. Our simple remedies will turn out to be very effective and will help you get rid of chapped lips, so keep reading and take notes.

Sugar massage

An exfoliating massage is a beauty secret that will make your lips look and feel soft and fuller as it will remove the dead skin cells that give them the unpleasant aspect. You can make your own exfoliating mixture using sugar and honey to create a paste that you will massage on your lips. The sugar will remove the skin cells while the honey will nourish and soften the lips to make them look better.

Natural lip balm

Instead of using cosmetic balms and moisturizers, you should try natural options that offer your lips the moisture they need. Honey is a great alternative that is more natural and acts as a barrier that prevents the skin on your lips from cracking. Mix it with rose water to increase its healing and soothing properties and apply the mixture to your lips for 15 minutes before washing it away with water.

Essential oils

Your lips could be chapped because they lack essential oils that would make them softer and more delicate. In this case, you can use jojoba oil to help your lips create new skin cells and repair the damaged ones in order to regain their healthy aspect. Jojoba oil can also take away the painful burning feeling of chapped lips. Other oils that can help are coconut and olive oil that have the same soothing effect and care for your lips.

Aloe vera gel

The beauty properties of aloe vera are widely known and they also work on chapped lips. Although it doesn’t taste very well, aloe vera is very good for the lips because it takes away the pain and acts like a natural moisturizer that gives your lips a silky aspect. Apply aloe vera gel on your chapped lips daily to allow it to repair the damaged skin cells.

More air humidity

A common cause of chapped lips is the lack of moisture in the air, which dries the skin on the lips and causes it to crack. Therefore, a great solution would be dealing with the cause and the humidifier can help you in the matter. This device releases water vapors into the air n order to increase the level of air moisture so your lips will no longer become dry and cracked.