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What Causes Skin Pigmentation and How Can You Treat It?

People, especially women, want a flawless skin, therefore, they are in a constant search for products that come in help. Unfortunately, there are certain disorders that can affect the skin and one of the most common disorder is called skin pigmentation. The problem with these disorders is that they can alter not jut patches of skin, but our entire body, which can lead to very serious problems. In this article, we will talk about what exactly causes skin pigmentation and what are the best ways to treat it.


We get our skin color from a pigment named melanin, which is made by certain cells in the skin. When these cells get altered, the production of melanin is affected and so appears the pigmentation disorder.
In case our body makes too much melanin, the skin gets darker, a problem known as hyperpigmentation. Some examples of hyperpigmentation are lentigo/lentigenes, melasma, stain, nevus, freckles, solar lentigos and others. There are various causes for this excessive production of melanin and the most common are heredity, hormonal changes, certain medications, exposure to UV light, picking at the skin, etc.
On the other hand, if the cells produce too little melanin then the skin gets lighter, also called depigmentation or hypopigmentation. Here we have examples such as vitiligo or albinism. The most common cause of depigmentation is usually damage or trauma to the skin, such as infections, burns, scrapes or blisters, and even improperly administered skin treatments.


In order to prevent dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation and regain our skin as it was before, we have to adopt a daily skin regime. Firstly we have to protect our skin from the sun and apply a sun protection cream in the morning. Then, we have to apply a cosmetic treatment, like the skin lightening cream. This type of cream is designed to treat a wide range of pigmentation issues and specialists recommend using the cream both during the day and night, for best results. Other treatments include skin brightening complexes or dark spot correctors.
For treating the depigmentation we have options like cosmetic cover-ups or corticosteroid creams, while waiting for the skin to regenerate the pigment. We can also choose ultraviolet light treatments, that will help our skin recover its aspect faster. If the skin disorder is more serious, the doctor may prescribe topical medication.
No matter what skin pigmentation we might have, the best we can do it to seek professional help and apply the proper treatment right from the beginning. It will make our life easier.